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Top tips for performance companies who want to build a website

If you have already decided that you need a website, the next step is to prepare yourself, because this doesn’t have to take you as long as you think it might. So, to help you I have put together a useful step by step check list to help you develop your website ideas and get you started.

  1. Decide the sections and pages you will require on your website and how the information may interlink. Use this information to write down a website structure also known as a sitemap.  Here is an example I use and an empty one for your use.Sitemap Empty
  2. Gather the content you want to include on your website using the structure you have decided on for your website. This should include copy, images and any video content. Check you have copyright of all images and video content and if you plan to use video I would set up a vimeo account. I preference this over youtube as there is less advertising on vimeo.
  3. Consider the most engaging content for the home page and the content that might encourage visitors to want to come back to your website. This can include your twitter feed, regular latest news posts, blogs and unique opportunities.
  4. Determine if you have any specific ‘technical’ requirements or functionality for the website? Do you require a contact form, social media integration, a blog, a gallery, workshop request forms, online payment options, events?
  5. Do you have an existing company logo/visual id. If no, decide if you would consider one as part of the website development or if it might be useful to design this as part of the website build.
  6. Spend a while researching other websites and note down any websites where you appreciate the design or functionality.
  7. Decide the best line of communication for people to contact you.
  8. Include press quotes, reviews and testimonials.
  9. Decide which social media platforms, such as twitter, instagram and facebook you want to integrate into your website and how you wish to communicate with your digital audience.
  10. Set up a mailchimp account to integrate into the website for future email marketing and to build your audience.


When you are ready to get your website built for you give me a call on 07957 327 045 or drop me an email at and if you require some inspiration have look at my portfolio for some ideas.